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A Confidential Wedding

Paint me naive, but I never really knew that confidential weddings were a thing! When I got asked to shoot one at the beginning of this month I was excited to take on the challenge!

This wedding was nestled at The Victorian Rose in the little town of Biggs, CA. It’s a stunning Victorian home nestled on a picturesque plot that looks like it’s straight out of Pride and Prejudice. The hostess was amazing and even made the cake herself!!

Best of luck and a long, fulfilling marriage to these two amazing people. Thank you for including me in your big day!

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Baby Barrett

I am at an age where all of my friends are getting married or expanding their families. This is definitely the best ever for me because I love going to weddings and I love babies and fur-babies!!

I worked with Savanna prior to going full time with my photography, and she has always struck me as a beauty both inside and out. When I was approached to do a small photo session including her hubby and their “bump” I was beyond thrilled!

This is one of the cutest couples ever and I had a fantastic time shooting with them. Enjoy these photos of a modern day Snow White and her Prince Charming :)

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RAD's Tahoe Blue Cocktail Contest

I was honored to be able to shoot another fun event for RAD Radio this weekend! Some of their faithful “maggots” competed against each other with their favorite Tahoe Blue Vodka recipe.

Celebrity judges and the ticket-holders alike all voted for “Lick Her Peach Right” (I can’t make this stuff up) as their top choice, and they were the recipient of the $1000 grand prize!

Again, the crew at RAD Radio were gracious and ensured everyone had an amazing time. I am blown away by the listeners and crew alike. It is the warmest gaggle of people I have been around and I am so blessed to be doing what I do.

Enjoy these highlights from this very fun event, and hopefully we will see you all at next year’s!

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The McCauley Kids

You would never know that these kids were absolute troopers and pushed through the absolute FREEZING weather to get these photos!

All. The. Energy.

I wish I had half the energy this bunch did. It was a blast traipsing around and allowing them to take the tour guide lead.

When you let children be children during shoots you get a genuineness that you can’t fabricate. I hope you love these little smiles as much as I do!

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Christa's Family

I am blessed to have friends that come to me time and again for their photos. Such is the case with my beautiful friend Christa!

This lady was one of the driving forces behind me going full time with my photography. She is intelligent, witty and one of the best encouragers out there!

Her boys make my heart happy. Just look at those smiles! We had a great time and I’m so happy that these photos reflect that.

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The Slowik Family Chronicles

I have had the pleasure of seeing this family grow over many years. Ashley and Chris are nothing short of amazing, and their kids are the absolute cutest. Their oldest told me she loved me so we’re pretty much best friends now ;)

I really do consider it an honor when so many clients repeatedly come back to me- even when they end up moving a few hours away! Friendships are often bonded and I am incredibly thankful to have this family in my life.


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RAD's Brine-A-Palooza & Camp Fire Fundraiser

I have never met a more genuine and welcoming group of people. As soon as I showed up to this event I was welcomed with open arms and warm smiles. They used their annual event and coupled it with a fundraiser for the Camp Fire victims where they raised multiple thousands of dollars! They were absolutely slammed the entire day yet their graciousness never wavered and even the throngs of people were pleasant the entire time.

I really love my job, and when I get to work doing things outside of my norm it deepens that love even more.

Enjoy these photos of the Rob, Anybody and Dawn show (Rob, Producer Brandon and Dawn) and the rest of their amazing crew from a wonderful event!

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Officially an Unofficial Auntie

Little baby Steven made his arrival a few days early last week. I visited with mama and the wee one in their home a few days after, and let me tell you there is nothing like newborn snuggles.

My ovaries were squealing with delight.

So until we start having more littles I definitely don’t mind getting all of the snuggles I can from this handsome little man. He is so chill and content, and the family is over the moon to have him.

Congratulations again you guys! I look forward to seeing your love for each other grow more and more through the life and raising of your children.

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Sweet Baby "Danger"!

When one of your oldest friends calls and says they have good news, at my age my mind immediately jumps to babies. I WAS RIGHT!

Jill and Steven are excitedly awaiting the arrival of their baby boy, and I couldn't be more giddy. Baby squish is my jam, and I am already bestowing myself with the nickname of auntie (please say yes, Jill!!)

I would be lying if I said I wasn't totally jealous of how gorgeous she is. Check out the photos below!


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Sara and Erik's Santa Cruz Wedding

This wedding was so fun! Set in scenic Santa Cruz, Sara and Erik tied the knot near a light house and had their reception at the Seymour Marine Center.

A good recipe for a memorable "big day" is good food, good music and good company. This one definitely had all three!

Congratulations you two! I hope you find many years of happiness together!

The Gutierrez Family

I feel extremely blessed to be able to take pictures for a living. Especially when they are of such cute little ones!!

These two have the cutest personalities and had me moving most of the time. Their contagious laugh, wild energy and bright eyes made for a very fun session.

We even boogied to some loud music that someone was blaring on the Sacramento River!

A Wedding and a Funeral

This is a bit of a personal post so I apologize in advance for not featuring any of my work. Things as of late have been tumultuous and chaotic.

May 12th my littlest sister became a missus, and the ceremony was absolutely wonderful. I am the oldest of four siblings and we are an extremely close family. To be able to celebrate her (finally!) tying the knot was so beautiful.

She broke her arm on her honeymoon slipping on a rock. Yes, we definitely made fun of her for it as every self-respecting sibling must do.

My parents moved out of our childhood home down to the beach near SLO. My brother insisted they were finally moving out of "his" house as he would be renting it. And boy howdy, he had plans. It was going to be a nerdy bachelor pad and we were all looking forward to it.

May 19th I got a call from an unknown number. I didn't answer it, got a horrible feeling and checked the voicemail. It was the hospital calling about my brother. I called them right back and then sped off. He was in a motorcycle accident.

The details are a little too painful to retell, but he started doing ok after a very scary and life-altering list of injuries and then suddenly was not. He got a lung infection and his body went septic. Acute respiratory failure as well as complete organ failure. As a family we had to decide what to do but fortunately for us my brother had always talked nonchalantly about his death and what he would want. No machines. Cremation. Spread his ashes in the mountains.

With heavy hearts my family stood around his bed as they weaned him off of the medications keeping him alive. They turned off his monitors and sat outside watching his SATs so our family could process alone with him. We listened to his favorite music and were all holding onto him as the nurse came in to inform us he had passed.

I am hurting. My family is hurting. There are days I do not feel strong enough to get through it. He was not only my brother but one of my best friends and I'm hoping and praying that I can just trudge past this and not be too marred on the back end.

I love you buddy. Very much. I'll see you on the flip side.

John Paul Benbow


The Graduates

Jasmine, Govin and Mishal are graduating from Sacramento State this month! All three pursued their degree in Kinesiology, volunteer together and have been friends and roommates for many years. We laughed our way through much of the sessions and had a wonderful time. 

Congratulations girls! I look forward to seeing where your amazing spirits take you!

Baby Luma

Baby Luma is already an amazingly celebrated and anticipated child. Amy and Zak were incredibly fun and had no problem frolicking through soggy weeds at my behest. A rainbow even made an appearance for our little rainbow baby!!

Beautiful preggy mamas and lots of laughs. It was a wonderful day!

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Alyssa Mattson's CD Shoot

I always have an amazing time with this young lady. She oozes talent and we always end up chatting like no time has passed. 

Her CD release party will be May 11th in Sacramento at Luna's Cafe. You should definitely check it out. And heck, buy a cd while you're there!

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